DR. KWEKU ADEDAYO TANDOH – Executive Chairman

Dr. Kweku Adedayo Tandoh is the Executive Chairman and Chairman Governing Board of the Lagos State Sports Commission. He is also a member of the Lagos State Sports Trust Fund. A seasoned sports administrator, Dr. Tandoh brings over 35 years of worldwide professional management expertise to the fore-front of sports in Lagos.
Dr. Tandoh is a trained medical doctor and has had a very versatile career, having gained several relevant qualifications that span across diverse sectors, locally and internationally. He has also gained experience in various fields including Medicine, Marketing, ICT, Planning & Research and Sports.
Over the years, Dr. Tandoh has held several positions in various capacities including but not limited to the following: Vice-Chairman, Lagos State Badminton Association, Vice-Chairman, Lagos State Sports Medicine Association, Director, Planning, Research & Education at National Gallery of Art. Director of Sports: Lagos State Sports Council.
Dr. Tandoh was also Secretary-General of the Main Organizing Committee of the Eko 2012 National Sports Festival, the festival has been labelled as the best organized to date.`
He currently serves in various capacities ranging from member to Chairman of different local and international bodies for special assignments in sports and other relevant strategic sectors.
A man with a constant passion for self-development and knowledge garnering, he has attended several courses and conferences across the globe. It is therefore little wonder that he is in the apex position of the Lagos State Sports Commission running the affairs of sports in Lagos and developing strategies towards placing Lagos at the pinnacle of sports in Africa and ultimately the globe.